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Beat! Beat! Drums! by Walt Whitmen

Copy Sample

In Ventre Tuo: Tales of Gore and Madness

Written by Amanda M. Lyons

Narrated by Paul Burt

Available on Audible Here

***** "Loved It... Excellent narration from Paul Burt you can tell he enjoys his job. Highly recommended to all horror fans. "  - TimJ26

Sinister Sentiments: A Horror Story Collection

Written by K.C. Finn

Narrated by Paul Burt

Available on Audible here

*****" Each story gets better than the last. The book was expertly narrated by  Paul Burt his character voices truly brought out the stories. " - Blackeagle

Family: A Short Horror Story

Written by Syon Das

Narrated by Paul Burt

Available on Audible here

" Paul Burt did a great job with the narration. He has a very distinct  voice and I loved his character voices, especially Aunt Katie. Burt  really added to the overall creepiness of the story." - Spooky Mike   

Visitors!: 15 Stories of UFO and Alien Encounters

Written by Tyler Butcher

Narrated by Paul Burt

" The narrator delivers with a kind of campfire ghost story style that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Definitely fun. " -  James Sposto

Available on Audible here.

The Doctor...Is In

Written by: John Bruni, Kent Hill, and Kevin Candela

Narrated by Paul Burt

" An odd but fun tribute to HST. wonderfully read by Paul Burt. three headed Elvis was probably my favorite!" - Adam Joseph Ferry           

Available on Audible here. 

Sacrum Umbra: The Gothic Horror of Amanda M. Lyons

Written by Amanda Lyons

Narrated by Paul Burt

" The narrator, Paul Burt’s voice reminded me of Colman Domingo. He did an excellent job. " - Shanna Tidwell

Available on Audible Here.

Homemade Horrors Volume 2: Keeping It In the Family

Written by Brian Lee Tucker

Narrated by Paul Burt


"... it was an enjoyable listen especially with the chilling narrative style brought by narrator Paul Burt."

Available on Audible here.

Don't Call Me Chip

Written by Neil O'Donnell

Narrated by Paul Burt

" I wasn’t sure what exactly I was getting into, but I was very pleasantly  surprised. The narration and character voices by Paul Burt were  outstanding. Great story! " - David, OH 

Get it on Audible here.

Homemade Horror:Serial Killers & The Monsters That Made Them

Written by Brian Lee Tucker

Narrated by Paul Burt

" the voice chosen by the narrator was so creepy that it added its own horrific element to the story.  "

 The back stories of some of the worlds most notorious serial killers  including: Charles Manson, Rose West, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez,  and more  

Get it on Audible here,  

Assassin Marked (The Dufonte Chronicles)

Written by Michael Sahd

Narrated by Paul Burt. 

An interplanetary crime syndicate. A debt, long overdue. An assassin gone rogue. Love. Revenge. Betrayal. Now on Audible.com, Amazon.com, and Itunes. 

" The narrator (Paul Burt) did a remarkable job of voicing the characters. Each one vividly brought to life by him " - Amazon Customer

Order your copy here, 

The Table of Poems

Written by Nancy Hughey

Narrated by Paul Burt

Available for sale on Audible here

A children's poetry book on the periodic table.

*****" It's a great concept for learning the periodic table. I enjoyed it. The narrator was great. Gave it some pizzazz.  Fun listen. " 

- I. McNeny

7 Ways to Beat Depression

Written By Joe Mayer

Narrated by Paul Burt

Available for sale on Audible here.

Some quick advice on how to beat the blues

***** " The last bit of advice is 'Give alternative medicine a chance…After all  we are all made of stars.' OMG. It sounds like a bumper sticker.  Narration was great though."

- RT