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Up Coming Live Performances

9/14/2019- 9/22/2019

The Butler Monologues

Stages Theater 400 Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA

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9/14/2019- 9/22/2019

The Butler Monologues

Produced by Alchemy Theater, and performed at Stages as part of the Artist series. An original comedic who done it written by Jeff Lowe and directed by Ryan Holihan. I play the iconic Mr. Belvedere.

Show Dates and Times

Sept 21 at 2pm and 5pm
Sept 22 at 5pm
Tickets available here.

Stages Theater 400 Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA

Actors Reel

past reels linked below

Available Videos

Often when I film, there is some protection of intellectual content where I can not post full videos, but below are items that have gone public and I am free to share on my website per the producers.


An OCC Student production. All the dialogue is improvised and this was turned around in 24 hours. Currently this is the rough cut, but I will swap it out when the final edit is done.

Deadlee - Area 51 - Music Video

I am one of the fucked politicians

directed by Patrick Kennelly


A new comedy

I am Mr. Booker

 Directed & Written by Lawrence Joshua Jr. 

The Odd Family

 See me as Laird Cornfoot at about 5 minutes in. 

Created by:

Payton Kim, Julianna Sabile, Reese Abbott, Conan Lam, Karen Liu, Brian Jeong

Troy High School Productions

A Dance of Lust and Calculus

I play the father and voice the father's AI.

Directed by Christian Flashman through Chapman University

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